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Shavron Management

Jerod Shaver
Job: Founder and Boss, McGrath  and Yes Bay Lodge Base Manager, and Scenery
Flying style: He races planes, what does that tell you?
Geographic location: Missouri, USA

Patrick Kelley
Job: Assistant Boss, Anchorage Base Manager, and Scenery
Flying style: Loose as a Goose, and always landing with a smile!
Geographic location: Texas, USA

Gary "Geraldo" Smith
Job: Fleet & Routes, Haines Base Manager
Flying style: Just moved up to #4 on FS ATC's Most Wanted list
Geographic location: Costa Rica

Trevor Roberts
Job: Homer Base Manager
Flying style: Just a man in motion....only at 30,000 feet.
Geographic location: Illinois, USA

Bruce Jenvey
Job: Assistant Base Manager and PR Guy
Flying style:
Geographic location: USA

Lisa Lee Rogers
Job: Shavron's Chief Mechanic
Flying style: Safe and sweet. Yeah, right.
Geographic location: She'll never tell

Brian Tabaj
Job: Aircraft Painting
Flying style: Fast and Furious.
Geographic location: California, USA