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Joining Shavron

Becoming a Shavron pilot is quick and easy. Simply fill in the form on our Join Us! page and we take care of the rest.

No previous Virtual Airline experience is required. We do require a three flight Orientation period to get you familiar with Alaska and our Bases, but once completed, you become a full pilot.  Just download the planes you want to fly and go!

Shavron's pilot report (PIREP) procedure is also simple. No need to e-mail, just fill in the PIREP form here on the site and click submit. The pilot roster is updated automatically.


Can I get credited hours for previous VA experience?

Sorry, no. There are two reasons for this.

First, Shavron is not your usual Virtual Airline. We have tried to make available to our pilots aircraft offering as much realism as can be found currently, and many of our flights are far more challenging, and potentially treacherous, than those found in most other VA environments.

Second, our pilots have very diverse backgrounds. Some are new to aviation in any form, others have extensive backgrounds in real world aviation and flight simulation yet no prior VA history. Considering this diversity, it is simply unfair to award Shavron hours for previous VA experience. Here we all start at zero.

That's part of what makes Shavron different, and the fellowship among our pilots so strong.

Is there any minimum activity required to stay on the roster?

Not really.

Pilots are paid in Virtual Dollars by the flight hour (see our pay scale in the About Shavron area).

Pilots classified as active showing more that three months of zero activity will be removed from the roster. However, if you anticipate a long absence, you can declare yourself inactive using either an e-mail to the boss or the comments area of a PIREP.

If you list yourself inactive, your name will stay on the roster for up to a year or until such time as you file another PIREP.