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Like to fly online?  Like to participate in events with other pilots? 

Well then, our Online Events are just for you.


How to Get Started:

You must first learn how to fly online and how to use Team Speak.  You can find out more on this by going to the Online Flying page found in the Flight Office section, or by clicking here.


All the months Online Events will be posted on the Calendar.  You can check out our current events by clicking on the Calendar link above, or by clicking here.

What Type of Events can be Posted?

-  Online Chats

-  Online Competitions

-  ATC Sessions

-  Any other great ideas you can think of.

How Do I Get My Online Event Posted?

-  Email me at shaverjl@gmail.com with the online event that you would like to host or that you would like the Management of Shavron to put on, and we'll get it on the calendar ASAP.


Don't forget, the server isn't meant for just events, you can, and we recommend that you do, make all your Shavron Air flights at West Coast ATC.  It's a great way to get to know all the other Shavron Air pilots and its a great way to add realism to your flight.